www.iamhalfhope.com is a record of my infertility journey, my 3 years of heartbreak, while my husband and I tried and tried to have a baby… Ultimately, our infertility treatments were successful, and now I am the mother to living children: triplets who amaze and overwhelm me everyday. But this website isn’t about them; it’s about how I felt during my infertility. The large majority of posts were written during my infertility in moments of pain and hope and confusion.

Infertility was devastating for me, and writing about it here helped me to process what I was going through, to try to explain to friends and family how I felt, and to connect with others experiencing infertility. Infertility is isolating and horrible, and I hope that my reflections can help you feel less alone and give you some validation to some of the things you may be feeling.